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Orders will usually be shipped within 3 working days. We have very little control over shipping times but in general your parcel should arrive within a week. Please contact us if you are concerned about a parcel that is taking longer to arrive than expected and we will liaise directly with the shippers to resolve the issue.

Diane Holding   January 28, 2023  

We charge a flat fee for shipping within New Zealand.

Please sign up for our rewards programme as there are ways to earn free shipping.

Diane Holding   January 28, 2023  

Regrettably we cannot ship to PO Box addresses. You will need to provide a physical address for any sale to proceed.

Diane Holding   January 28, 2023  

No you do n ot have to be home as long as you complete the special instructions for the Courier Driver.

Alcohol may not be delivered to the care of or received by anyone under the age of 18.

Diane Holding   January 28, 2023  

This website uses an SSL certificate in order to keep user data secure, verify ownership of the website, prevent attackers from creating a fake version of the site, and gain user trust.

Encryption: SSL/TLS encryption is possible because of the public-private key pairing that SSL certificates facilitate. Clients (such as web browsers) get the public key necessary to open a TLS connection from a server's SSL certificate.

Authentication: SSL certificates verify that a client is talking to the correct server that actually owns the domain. This helps prevent domain spoofing and other kinds of attacks.

HTTPS: An SSL certificate is necessary for an HTTPS web address. HTTPS is the secure form of HTTP, and HTTPS websites are websites that have their traffic encrypted by SSL/TLS.

In addition to securing user data in transit, HTTPS makes sites more trustworthy from a user's perspective. Many users won't notice the difference between an http:// and an https:// web address, but most browsers tag HTTP sites as "not secure" in noticeable ways, attempting to provide incentive for switching to HTTPS and increasing security.

SSL Certificate Not Secure Browsing

Diane Holding   January 28, 2023  

Our wine is shipped from a central wine warehousing and logistics business in Amberley, North Canterbury.

Diane Holding   January 28, 2023  

We are abler to ship wines within New Zealand with the exception of Stewart Island and Waiheke. Should you wish to have wines shipped to these destinations please contact us so that we can quote destination specific shipping costs.

Diane Holding   January 28, 2023  

We prefer to sell directly to our customers via this website. Very occasionally, we may release wines through an independent retailer or wholesaler.

Diane Holding   January 28, 2023  

Because wine tasters' palates and tastes vary considerably, we cannot accept returns simply because the wine doesn't meet your personal expectations, likes or dislikes. We have gone to great lengths to obtain tasting notes from independent professional wine writers to guide your purchase decisions.

Diane Holding   January 28, 2023  

Faulty wine must be returned in its original packaging.

Wine faults that merit return are oxidised wine due to a damaged closure, acetic wine or wine with excessive mousiness caused by Brettanomyces.

Wines damaged through mishandling by the purchaser eg cooked wine from leaving in a hot car, are not covered by this policy.

Bottle shock, sometimes called “bottle sickness,” describes a recently packaged or shipped wine that tastes temporarily “dumb,” or with aromas and flavors that have seemingly shut down. It often occurs in wines that have been jostled for an extended period, like when it goes from tank or barrel through the bottling line, or when it’s shipped a significant distance.

When a wine has traveled some distance over several days from the winery, to the shipper, and then to your home, it can get unsettled. Let your newly shipped wines rest at least a week before opening.

After we confirm the wine fault we will dispatch a replacement product. If no replacement is available we will be in touch to discuss replacement with a similar product.

Diane Holding   January 28, 2023  

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