We have chosen BioGro to certify us as 'organic' so that when you buy our Pinot Noir, you are guaranteed that the highest organic standards have been met every step of the way, both in the vineyard and in the winery.

The BioGro logo on our wine guarantees that it has been produced without the routine use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, or genetically modified ingredients, and that it has had a reduced effect on the environment. Even the pasture the sheep and cattle graze on the farm is guaranteed by BioGro to have been grown organically.

Every year BioGro audits us and verifies that we have met our organic standards. If we make the mark we are authorised to use the BioGro logo which is trusted the world over.

Unusually, we certify both our vineyard and our winemaking, so our Pinot Noir truly deserves to be called "Organic Wine".