This logo was developed by Chuck House, world famous wine label designer from the Icon Group in Santa Rosa, California. Co-author of ICON: Art of the Wine Label, Chuck has designed for such names as Antinori, Stags Leap, and Mondavi. 

His tallent is in no small part due to his capacity for listening to the stories of wine, and his remarkable ability to turn these stories into instantly recognisable images. Noone captures his philosophy better than Chuck himself:

"A successful wine package is a sculpture of the moment, an authentic expression of time and place. At its best, it transcends the past and the present with a vision of the future that is uniquely its own."

In our logo, Chuck uses the intertwined initials to hark back to the classic period, when the original European varietals, including Pinot Noir were being developed. He provides a link to the history of Pinot Noir: an homage rather than an attempt to make this an Old World pinot.

The interlocking F and E symbolize the organic synergy of wine and the land from which it comes.

The curves of the F and E have a look of a classic billowing sail, evoking the wind and sea that symbolize NZ in the popular imagination, and Ian and Di's love of sailing. Clean and fresh like the wine itself.

There's also a sensual quality in the way the two letters insinuate themselves together, like Pinot Noir itself.